Why i Started Tryootech.com

why i started tryootech blog
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Guys sharing knowledge helps you to learn more and reach more people. I kept this thing in my mind that i will share everything whatever i learn i will post on my digital marketing blog so i started tryootech.com in 2017.

I purchased this domain from my credit card that i got while i was working for Wipro.

When i started my blog i was not aware how i will make money from that blog, i just kept on posting valuable content regarding best hosting companies and digital marketing stuff.

Tryootech Journey

Some articles get good views and some struggled to get even single views, however, i was passionate about internet marketing and learned many things by life experiences.

i learned many things after starting my youtube channel in hindi language in 2016. I met with many successful people, learned from them, new strategies, some insider strategies that you won’t find on internet for free. People charge for consultation for sharing that knowledge.

Failures in Blogging

See blogging is not a easy business to be in however, you have to have that much of patience and dedication to earn good in numbers every single month.

You won’t see initial success, blogging takes time to evolve and you should know how you are going to earn money from your blog? if this thing is not clear in your head then you will suffer alot. i also suffered alot for first 3 years to generate good income from this blog.

Initial Success

For first 3 years i was not earning that much from my tryootech blog as digital marketing niche is super competitive however, i kept on trying and posted many blog articles, finally from october of 3rd year i got an email for sponsorship, it was an SAAS based tool company, they paid me $50 to just mention about them in one of my existing article.

i got super excited that my blog started generating some revenue however, after this next 3 months i did not got any sponsorships. So what i did is i started approaching SEO companies for more link opportunities, out of those 2 companies accepted my deal and they started giving me link opportunities and i started generating $350 per month from this blog.

Another thing some of my affiliate articles got indexed and started ranking on many keywords, from their also i generated $400/ month recurring income. This is how i kept on experimenting and generated more monetary opportunities for tryootech blog.

Then i started many other websites too and made them profitable.


My sole goal was to earn money and share knowledge via my blog i think i did it and doing on regular basis. You guys can follow me on Instagram i am very active thier and if you guys have any questions or want help you can DM me on insta.

Thank you for reading this article i will keep on posting new articles and update my current articles on this personal blog.

You guys can visit tryootech here.

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