5 Best Seo Tools For Small Businesses To Grow Their Revenue & Beat Competition

Best SEO Tools for Small Businesses
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Every business wants to get more organic traffic, customers, sales, leads and its won’t be possible if your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is not strong. You will struggle to get quality leads and customers for your business from search engines. If you want to know best seo tools for small businesses then you are at the right page.

Listing Some Best SEO Tools for Small Businesses

SEO tools will make your life more easy to find more opportunities & prospects to generate more sales and revenue. Their are many tools on the internet on which you can rely however i won’t recommend you to go with free tools as your purpose will not get fulfilled by free tools of free trials.

Your business will grow when you invest in your business. Investing in premium tools will help your business to sustain and grow at fast pace. You should keep a budget aside for investing in business tools to get your goals in no time.

1. SEMrush

Semrush is the best tool for all your SEO needs, i have been using semrush for more than 5 years now and really satisfied with the performance and results we get from this tool. If you are running a business then this tool is must to keep an eye on your competitors, what they are doing and on which keyword they are driving traffic.

This tool provides you more than 15+ internal tools to make your business life easy and if you are a paid subscriber then it becomes a magical tool for you with extra benefits. Best thing is that the subscription cost of just $99 per month which is very less if we compare the value this tool provides us.

You can click here to get SEMrush Free Trial

2. SERanking

SEranking is another seo tool site that helps you get new keyword opportunities for your website to attract organic rankings. With the help of SEranking you can monitor your backlinks, do website audits, spy on your competitors and much more.

You can get SEranking’s paid subscription in just $39 per month which is super affordable for everyone. If you own only one website than $39/per month will be the best plan for you.

This tool has B2B & Social media tools also for managing your social media and seo game.

3. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is also used by many companies & widely used seo tool that you guys can use. Recently they have launched free version of Ahrefs. If you own any website then you can connect your website with Ahrefs using Google Search Console and analyse data about your website for free however you won’t be able to check stats of other sites.

A paid subscription is required to check stats of other sites and your competitors. One thing we observed that Ahref is not sharing actual data only 60% data is accurate.

These tools provide you free backlink checkers to check backlinks of your & your competitors site for free without paying anything. Now a days brands also consider DR(Domain Rating) of Ahrefs for sponsorships opportunity for your website.

Consider generating backlinks by outreaching.

4. Google Search Console

Google Search console is also one of the best tool that you should consider trying and added your new site. This websites shows your accurate data and performance of your website organically on google search and on which keywords you are deriving traffic.

5. KeywordShitter

This is another free seo tool that provides your LSI keywords that you can add in your article and rank your blog post on multiple keywords.


These were some best SEO tools for small businesses and agencies that you can use and get major benefits. If you ask me out of these SEMrush is the best pick for me and highly recommended for accurate stats and real time data. You guys can visit our main website tryootech for more marketing content.

If you guys find this article valuable feel free to try these tools and share this post on social media and you can ask your questions in the comment section.

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